Jeanine Strong aka Jiji

The Gift Within


Saturday, November 24th, 2012 -  7PM

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The Gift Within

Listen to the dynamic and vibrant songs that comprise Jeanine’s recent album The Gift Within~ from the very inspiring "Today" to the carefree and sexy club single "Ultimate Love". The emotionally touching “Again”, plus the haunting “Another Dimension” and the smooth and sensual “Believe” are just a taste of what’s to come. Her recent album can be heard at

What is Urban Melodic Soul?

Jeanine Strong aka JiJi and her producer Mike Corvington created the unique sound that is Jeanine's signature style ~ Urban Melodic Soul (UMS). UMS is a combination of all of Jeanine's major influences: Motown, Classic Rock, Blues, Soul, Pop, and Hip-hop.

Urban: Urban culture is the culture of cities.  Cities all over the world past and present, have behaviors and cultural elements that separate them from otherwise comparable rural areas. 

Melodic: Melodic music is a term that covers various genres of music, primarily characterized by the dominance of a single strong melody line.  Melodic music is found in all parts of the world, overlapping many genres.

Soul: The soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a living being, often regarded as eternal.

Jeanine believes in creating music that comes from the soul. She typically listens to the brilliant music that Mike composes and derives inspiration from the way the music makes her feel. It's almost instinctual the way the she listens to a track, feels the mood of the music, and instantly creates hooks and verses, along with a beautiful melody.  It is a spiritual and very healing process for the singer.  She does not only write from her own personal experiences, many of her songs tell the stories of others. Jeanine is a storyteller that relays important messages through her music.

Making music is a great outlet for any artist seeking to nurture their creativity. As Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way says: "Creativity always leads to truth and love". On her journey in life, Jeanine continues to seek truth and love and hopes to spread that truth and love to all cities across the globe.

Urban Melodic Music

Live Performances

Catch Jeanine Strong aka JiJi performing live in Los Angeles every Friday night at Urban Underground: The Airliner and once a month with the Goddess Tribe featuring an all female line-up! The Airliner is located at 2419 N. Broadway Los Angeles CA 90031

Jeanine Strong Performing Live @ Urban Underground Weekly